A First?

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Hello. Bonjour! Hi friends. Welcome to my digital space!  I am at a point in my life where I am committing more & more to doing things because it makes me happy; and writing, makes me happy.  I’m not fully sure where I plan on taking this but I have to remember that, as most things in life, seeing the end goal isn’t necessarily clear at first.

And not that the end goal fully matters anyway.  It’s the process…the growth and the journey that makes it all worth it.  And I do find solace in writing. In expressing myself through words; to convey some sort of emotion in others and myself or to be thought provoking in some way. I’ve always enjoyed journaling and I find it soothing to get thoughts out of my head when they seem overwhelming or daunting.  I’ve also naturally tended to document travels and my adventures over the years, yet have never conglomerated all or any of them.  I sort of scribble them away as a memoir of sorts.  And I like that.  I use it as a self-reflecting tool, but also as a means to truly engrain my experiences as I explore the world. Sooooo that’s that!!

A few things to note.  This is simply a space for my writing.   There is probably no order.  Most likely no rhyme or reason behind things.  Rather a collection of words.  I am a multifaceted, somewhat complicated, yet easily amused human.  I rather enjoy being a goof and the class clown, but there is a deepness to me, too.  So if my brainstorming intrigues you in any way, be my guest to follow along my twisting and turning journey as we spin around the Sun. Here is my attempt at sharing some of the goings on in my head, if you’re at all interested. Hope you enjoy, and KEEP BEING WEIRD K?