Thanks to numerous recommendations I’ve received (especially in the last few months), I’ve decided to commit and give Patreon a shot to connect more with my community.

If you’d like to support me, this is definitely the best way to do so! Patreon will be where I host livestream events, chat and connect with my Patrons as well as give some behind the scenes to my every day life!

Thanks so much if you decide to support me there ๐Ÿ™‚

Here is a link for you to check it out!

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  1. Yuki Togawa

    This is Yuki Togawa currently in SF. I watched your videos. I see that you are a sound decision maker and a soul enriching person. You remind me when I used to fly 24 to 36 flights a year not as a pilot but as a frequent flyer exploring myself all over the northern hemisphere.

    I am going to refer you to another worldly Emilie. She’s a McGlone.
    Founder of Parties4Peace. She’s all over social media. You’ll find her.
    I think the two of you would benefit each other as inspiration and practicing universal goodness.

    I love your honesty, boldness, cultural competence, and ability to target and achieve.

    Hope to meet you soon. My grandfather’s brother served as a supply cargo pilot during WW2, one of the first pilots for ANA, who worked until he could no longer fly. He died from high blood pressure. My father internationalized. JAL. My biological mother is the first female car racing champion in Japan. I was not a pilot due to my vision. I was AWACS Procurement negotiator/training facilitator for USAF SE Joint Task in Tokyo. I worked under Don Seta, Jr.

    I work hard, save and take off 700 days while I look after a human trafficked person. I once had a very young girl who I rescued, housed and educated. She said she wanted to become a pilot. I understand why.

    What you do help many people dream beyond their suffering. Great job.


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