About Emilie

HI! Generally hyper and passionate, I truly try and make the most out of my experience here on Earth. Not sure if it’s because I am typically highly caffeinated or because I am just keen on not missing out on living my best life, but either way, I’m not upset about it. I am loving and playful, goofy and nerdy, determined and disciplined.  I work as an airline pilot, but you’ll notice I am obsessed with all things travel, being outdoors, hiking and climbing all the things. I have an affinity for anything space related, I love to lift heavy ass weights, as well as focusing on keeping my physical and mental self healthy and fit. I love helping others and am determined to share my passion and possibilities with the world.  I sometimes have a challenging time taking things seriously, and am typically always on to the next thing, but I try and continuously improve myself and keep my mind open to learning.  I think life is an adventure and I am well on my way to loving every step of the journey!! Thanks for watching, liking, interacting and sharing this experience with me!!